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acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas



This is the first piece in my latest series by the same name. 


The paintings of the Re-Connection series will focus on the idea of humans re-connecting with nature. This will in turn connect us to the spirit/non-physical/God/source energy. The life force that grows us and all that is around us comes from somewhere. I believe it comes from source energy. And the stronger my connection to nature becomes the stronger my connection to source energy becomes and the more energized, healthy and happy I feel. 


This piece starts off my exploration of this re-connection. The setting is Waterside, Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada. Here the seals bask in the sun just off of the shore while the cows graze in the field only a few steps away. It is a very special to me so I'm here a lot and offer ceremony often. The seals are so playful and spark my inner child energy, as well as my imagination. The mermaid almost mirrors the human figure laying amongst the seals. Both are one with their landscapes but resemble each other and are intrigued by each other. I love that humans over the millenia have shared tales of the wonder of nature using metaphor and storytelling that continue to be told today. I believe that if we can recapture the oneness we once had with Mother Earth that we will spark not only an evolution in our physical existence but an evolution in our spiritual existence as well. 



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