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A Witchy Welcome!

Hi friends!  Thanks so much for taking an interest in my artwork and visiting my site. 


My art is meant be enjoyed on many levels. We all interpret from our own lens of life experience and if this imagery makes you smile or brings you a sense of peace or triggers transformation, well that's super cool!

Something you should know about me is that for a long time I have tried to find my place in the contemporary art scene, tried to uncover my cultural roots, and tried to distill my 'why' through spiritual practice despite a mountain of rules I didn't believe in. BUT I've come to realize that I am JUST ME finding my own path, spending intimate moments with Mother Earth, creating my own ceremonies, building bridges to my ancestors, and translating what I see and hear into visual stories that make sense to me intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.


Life is too short to be stuck in the 'right way' of doing things. I'm so grateful to all of you who resonate with my creative voice and support me 'doing me'.  I hope my visual storytelling can inspire you to do the same.



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Click the images below for information on print prices and options. If you have special requests or you want to work with me directly, contact me at

Please read my artist statement prior to purchasing my work.  


Prince Edward Island, Canada

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