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Cosmic Portal Oracle

• Do you enjoy art that fires    up your imagination?

• Are you actively seeking 
 guidance about some
 aspect of your life journey? 

• Would you like to develop

   a  connection to the energy 
   of the cosmos?


The Oracle contains 78 cards, each comprised of a mystical image and powerful message. One starfield card is also included.

The Oracle can be used as a part of your morning routine. Just pull a card and use it to guide your day. You may also use these cards in more traditional tarot spreads. 

Download the Cosmic Portal Oracle


"My art is intended to be a bridge
between the physical and non-physical
realms. " 
                                                     Renée Laprise

More about the Cosmic Portal Oracle

When I decided to leave my job to be a full-time artist, I was inspired to make some small paintings for an affordable art series. The project soon became a mission to paint seventy-eight pieces with which I would then create the Cosmic Portal Oracle deck.  


Two weeks after my official last day of work, I lost my footing on an ice patch and landed square on my butt. Upon impact, I saw a burst of what looked like fireworks and then experienced a flood of pain. I soon learned that I had crushed my L1 vertebrae and would have to be in a brace for at least six weeks.  


It may have been the morphine, or maybe the Abraham Hicks videos that ran on constant repeat, but I was determined to make this life event mean something. I’m a pretty spiritual person but in order to ensure I was in the best possible vibration for healing I spent months in intensive ceremony and prayer while continuing to paint on small canvases from the comfort of my beloved recliner.  


Painting helped keep me focused and busy while aiding my efforts to heal by keeping me aligned with source energy. That energy most certainly flowed into the paintings. As images emerged and the finished paintings filled my wall, they began to activate each other. All seventy-eight paintings were exhibited at the Hilda Woolnaugh Gallery in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. They were hung together in a giant grid and the Cosmic Field was fully activated!  


Though this year has not been what I had envisioned, it has been an epic journey. I learned that my body is stronger than I realized and that I can make any situation work to my advantage. I can actually say that I am grateful I was able to check out of life for a few months to dive into source and just create! The Cosmic Portal Oracle holds so much healing energy in it. I’ve had people spontaneously cry from relief when pulling a card. And people who read tarot tell me that it is incredibly accurate and easy to use.


I am an intuitive person and I do better in life when I go with the flow, trusting my own instincts to interpret what I am experiencing. In other words, I HATE RULES! And that’s been translated into the deck.​


Once you take possession of the deck it is yours to use as you like.


There is no right way to use the Cosmic Portal Oracle. I pull a card in the morning as part of my daily ritual but my tarot reader friends use it in more elaborate spreads. The oracle is comprised of seventy-eight mystical images and accompanying word prompts. The guidebook provides insights to the cards based on my knowledge and research but it’s important to remember that my interpretation of a card should never override the messages you receive intuitively. So, disregard the insights if they don’t feel right for you, or use them as jumping points for your own deeper dive into the messages you are being given.  


I am so grateful you’ve chosen to spend some time with the Cosmic Portal Oracle deck. I hope it helps you build a bridge to the cosmos and align with your most powerful energy.

73 high vibration bee.png
78 feather.png

"As soon as I heard about and saw Cosmic Portal Oracle Deck I felt called to receive it. My partner bought it for me as a gift (not so subtly hinted to him) and I was elated when I opened it. The art speaks to me on a level that no other oracle deck has before. I feel very connected to this deck. I did a beautiful personal New Year ceremony with it & have been using it in my client work over the last week. I love channeling my own messages about the cards & using the guidebook as extra inspiration. I look so forward to getting to know each of the cards. Thank you Renee for creating this!"   Steff

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