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Cosmic Field Tarot Journey - Manifesting Signs

So a few days ago I started a morning meditation practice with a guided meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Now, I'm already very woowoo but there's something about this that's got me really going. At the end of each session he tells you to ask for a manifestation that is clear and obvious to help support your belief in your own power. So, you all know that I am creating #cosmicfield tarot deck and I've been drawing away the past few days. The latest one is the Tree of Life that is based on THE tree in Victoria Park. You know the one right? Anyhoo I'm walking my dog in Vic Park today and I see a giant snow sculpture of a frog under that very tree. Now that is super cool on its own but the more amazing part of this is that my mom was obsessed with frogs. She surrounded herself with all kinds of frogs sculptures and images. This was definitely my sign today. It was her death that sparked my first painting that included the cosmic field and there was a frog in it that. I had already sketched it out to be included in the deck. HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!! SO MUCH FUN! Thank you mom!

#manifesting #joedispenza #abrahamhicks #cosmicfield #canadianart #peiart #painting #tarot #magic

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